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So i used to be back on this LJ a while back and I remember someone has postings about song interpretations from Deja Entendu. anyone want to help me out so i dont have to filter through thousands of posts in which people just say they love Brand New. The songs in choosing to use in the essay are Sic Transit, The Boy That Blocked His Own Shot, and Play Crack The Sky. Any links would be so much appreciated, or even just your own interpretations would be awesome cause I know everyone has some decent scholarly knowledge of these songs, what Jesse was trying to convey through these songs, your interpretation, and what they mean to you would be so awesome! :)
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So it's been a while...

But this interview with Jesse Lacey from February 10th is really interesting. It's long, but worth a read, as it's more of a conversation about life and art and the evolution of Brand New's sound. Not to speculate but, speculating: it seems like he and the rest of the band members are in a really good place these days.

What's really exciting is this bit, though:

So you started writing new material about a year ago?

Well we probably started writing new material as soon as we were done with the last record, it’s just lately we’ve all been exploring our peripheral projects outside of ‘Brand New’. It’s been nice to get back together again, because you’ll hear something that Brian’s done, or Vinni’s done, you almost get jealous of it, because you wish you had been part of that, so we’re definitely excited to get back in the studio together. We have studio time in April but we’re not really sure how that will turn out, unfortunately for our fans, it’s really ‘see how it goes’ for now. But we are intent on getting music out, we’d like to do it before the end of the year.

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London show tickets needed :)

Hi All,

fancy helping an Aussie fan out??? I'm flying to the UK from Brisbane tomorrow (YAY!!! First time in London and I'm going to freeze my bum off XD) and would absolutely love to get my hands on a ticket to the London show on the 12th. I can see that seated tickets are still available online but if anyone has a spare standing ticket (or two) to sell I would love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Happy to pay more than face value (to a certain extent haha) and if it's possible to meet up before the show to get tickets that would be super :) (either day of or before, I'm easy!)

Also, if by some miracle anyone has tickets to the show on the 11th they're looking to sell, I could also be highly tempted by these... I'm already going but have some friends who've decided it'd be fun to join me.

Have we had a roll call for those going to the UK shows? I'm fairly certain a lot of you will be going to several shows. Am I right???

Fingers crossed for the tickets!!!
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Sentimental value...

So this was my best friend's favorite sweatshirt and it became irreparably damaged up because I was wearing it at the House of Blues show. She's had it for years, patched it up over & over again but there's just no fixing it this time. I tried getting her a new one but Ebay and Merch direct's remaining sizes are either ridiculously small or ridiculously large. If anyone knows where I can get a medium or large asap that'd be great. She might not ever speak to me again if I don't rectify the situation. You can contact me here or my other e-mail
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BN set recorded from House of Blues 11/26

Hey =)

I was brave and tried my hand at recording Saturday night's set at the house of blues in AC.  
Also, first time doing this.  Sorry if it isn't up to snuff, but hope it's still enjoyable =)

I'm going to the NYE show also.  Any one good at this and have any tips?  I have a sony pocket digital audio recorder.
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Setlist 11/28

These are mostly out of order (except the opener and closer) - I was bored on the train ride home and tried to think about what songs were played. But I am so happy that they ended with Soco and played a good mix of songs from all of their albums. It's taken me five years to finally hear Soco, and the way Jesse's face seemed to quietly fall as he repeated "I'm just jealous 'cause you're young and in love" seemed to be a mournful reflection on his youth.

Play Crack the Sky
Okay I Believe You
Quiet Things
Sic Transit
Me vs. Maradona
You Won't Know
Jesus Christ
Sowing Season
At the Bottom
Jude Law